Because the validity of many manufacturers’ warranty periods extending beyond twelve months is dependent upon the stove being serviced annually, we have always offered this service to our existing customers

Stove Servicing

This is an area we take very seriously both from the safety and efficiency aspects. A damaged or worn seal will cause flue gas leakage and consequently over-firing.

We recommend regular servicing to ensure more reliable performance and controllability of your stove as well as extend its working life and enhance its appearance.

Your safety matters to us

If we did not install your stove we are very happy to discuss your requirements and service your stove providing we are happy the installation meets current building regulations.

A well-maintained appliance is important not only for the efficiency and longevity of the stove but also for its safe use. Your safety matters to us.

Our own in-house HETAS-certified solid-fuel heating engineers will carry out a thorough inspection, cleaning and servicing of your stove which includes:

  • Stove fully stripped down, internal components are checked & cleaned.
  • Door / glass seal inspected & replaced where necessary.
  • Door glass cleaned & retainers checked / adjusted as necessary.
  • Internal flue & air supply passageways cleaned & cleared.
  • Operating controls & general operation checked, lubricated, adjusted & repaired where required.
  • Stove is re-assembled, exterior & flue pipe cleaned / re-sprayed to restore appearance to an ‘as new’ condition.
  • Certificate of stove servicing issued.
  • Where door glass, seals, firebricks, baffles or parts require replacement, these parts are charged as extra but no extra labour cost will be charged.

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We often offer a special discount to our existing customers who have their stoves serviced annually & during the April to August period.